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as seem on tv productsThe As Seen On TV Store was created for people who see all of the commercials on television and are curious about how well the products work or how good they are . I can remember years ago it was basically thought that, if it was on TV and not in stores, it was probably junk.

Many people, myself included, were used to being bombarded by products that would be here today and gone tomorrow. Miracle ab machines and weight loss pills or products that did the job for a short amount of time but fell apart in the long run. These products gave people a very negative taste when it came to items strictly advertised on TV without an in store presence.

There were some good products mixed in but, with more bad then good, most infomercial products were generally thought of as scams only bought by late night viewers that were bored and looking for quick fix type items.

The first as seen on TV product that I can remember really taking people by storm was Billy Blanks original Tae Bo workout. Not only was it taking over every TV channel with half hour infomercials but, it was getting rave reviews. People loved this workout and were getting results. Basically Billy Blanks created a quality product that did what it advertised and the Tae Bo brand is still very much alive today, well over ten years now.

Lately the as seen on TV brands seem to be more of a launching pad for people with new products but without the connections to get them in stores. A perfect example is Pillow Pets. These stuffed animals/pillows are in almost every store from Walmart to Sears to CVS and more. I even see them in some of the bigger supermarkets. Originally Pillow Pets were available only online and became extremely popular through advertising on TV during kids shows.

Kids all over knew the jingle “it’s a pillow, it’s a pet, it’s a Pillow Pet”. My own daughter was four at the time and she was obsessed with the Unicorn Pillow Pet. Seeing it on TV like this had me thinking “piece of junk” at first but then I did some research and people loved them. During that Holiday season it was virtually impossible to get one and they were selling up to $100 or more on eBay.

Pillow Pets soon made there way into the big department store chains and now you can find them anywhere. This is true of quite a few other as seen on TV products as well and now I have noticed a lot of stores have there own mini as seen on TV store section devoted to just these products.

We have, since the Pillow Pets, bought numerous other as seen on TV products and have had some great experiences with them.

Our goal at here at the As Seen On TV Store is to give you in depth reviews of some of the best products as well as where to get the best deals on these products. If you have seen something that looks really cool on TV then more then likely you will eventually find it here. If you don’t find it feel free to contact us at admin@asseenontvstorehq.com to request a review or information.

We also love comments about products so if you have bought a product, love it or hate it, leave us a comment. We feel it is important to get the views of more then one or two people so the more comments the better for our readers. Please no spam comments as all comments are reviewed before approval.

We look forward to helping you with your as seen on TV store experience and hope you visit us often!

Orgreenic Cookware


Orgreenic cookware has been something that peeked my curiosity when I first saw the TV Commercial. As with many as seen on TV products I waited a bit before giving it a try. The first thing I can tell you is you get a much better deal right here then if you buy locally. We bought ours at a local store and paid $19.99 for the one pan originally. You can get the pan cheaper with free shipping so it’s a much better deal.

orgreenic cookwareThe piece everyone knows is the Orgreenic pan from the television commercials, I didn’t even know there was a full line of Orgreenic Cookware available until recently. Most people will need to replace pans quicker then pots as they tend to get more use. This is especially true with non stick pans as they always get scratched up and eventually become useless. We also started with the pan simply because it was the cheapest way to try the product and we really needed a good non stick pan.

My first test was with eggs. Not just simple scrambled eggs or even over easy, I like a lot of stuff in my eggs. Basically depending on my mood I will either make a nice looking omelet or if I am in a rush I just scramble everything in with the eggs and deal with clean up later. So I made the scrambled eggs with ham, cheese, salsa, spinach and probably a couple of other things.

I put a very small amount of olive oil in the pan, like a teaspoon. The thing that I first noticed is the oil basically stayed in one spot, the center, and didn’t really coat the pan. This is because like food it was simply rolling over the surface. So I put in my eggs and then the rest of the stuff and just basically start mixing it together. This is where it gets pretty cool. The cheese is just stirring around with everything else and not sticking to the pan. I finished and everything came off with the spatula and nothing was burned on at all.

Next I rinsed the pan so I could put a little water in to soak before cleaning and the next really cool thing was, the pan was basically clean. Now I still cleaned with soap and water to get it really clean but, there were really no visible food particles left. This is without a doubt the easiest pan I have ever cleaned.

Since then we have used the pan quite a bit for all different types of things from grilled cheese to pasta dishes of all sorts. If the rest of the Orgreenic cookware is as good as the Orgreenic pan then this is the set to own. Now that we know there is a full line we are seriously considering getting the whole set.

Another thing to take into consideration is how the pan is made. Orgreenic cookware is Eco Friendly with no harmful PFOA. This is not only great for the environment but for the health of you and your family.

The kicker to all of this is the lifetime warranty. Now I can’t vouch for this as our pan still looks and works like the first day we had it but, Orgreenic.com says if you ever have a problem with any of the Orgreenic cookware they will replace it, even if it’s your fault. Either way it’s rare a company will even make that claim and they have been around for a bit I’m sure I would have read about it being untrue if people were having a problem.

Simply put this is a great product, whether your looking to get the full set of Orgreenic cookware or just want the 2 for 1 deal for the Orgreenic pan the price is right and the stuff is very high quality.

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Mushabellies are another really cool toy from Jay at Play. They are a plush toy combined with an Augmented Reality video game all in one. The Mushabelly character itself is very soft and are made a little like the KooKoo Birds and KooKoo Kennel Dogs.  Same basic shape and size. Whats different about mushabellies is that they are not geared towards one type of animal like dogs or birds. There are six different animals that you can choose from and you can only get them online. I have found them for less then $10 each and sometimes under $5 at  This Mushabelly Sale.

mushabellies ARThe six available characters are

Conan Cow

Buzzie Bee

Finless Frog

Racket Raccoon

Heckle Hedgehog

Mungo Monkey

Each one of these cute little guys comes with their own AR video game. You simply install the Mushabelly app on whatever device you will be using and then use the 3 AR cards for the character. These AR cards will bring your Mushabelly to life where ever you are, right in your environment. For each one you get a character card, launcher card and target card. Just put your character in the launcher and aim for the target. Then score points by hitting the food that comes out of the target.

Whats great is that you can mix and match the cards so different Mushabellies can use different launchers and targets. This is what keeps the game interesting and since you can get them so cheap it’s pretty easy to collect them all.

I really like the Augmented Reality concept and can see this evolving into a lot of other, bigger gaming platforms. For now though, the game is one of those that looks simple but will keep you coming back for more. It’s also something that a younger child can easily do yet will still keep older kids (and big kids like me) entertained.

Right now my daughter is all about Finless Frog. She has not decided on the second one yet so once she makes that decision we will probably order for the next Holiday. I figure even if I jump on these now and keep them hidden it will make a great Christmas gift. She got an iPod touch for her last birthday so this will make a great addition to her games collection.

As for the Mushabelly characters themselves, these are right up her alley. She loves her stuffed animals, Pillow Pets, Happy Nappers, Cuddleuppet, etc. She also has a couple of KooKoo birds too so this will be a hit for sure.

Mushabellies look to be a great toy for kids of all ages, soft plush animal and cool video game all in one. This could very easily be one of the hottest gifts for the 2012 Holiday season which is why I will be ordering early.

You can get the Mushabellies at a great price at the Mushabelly Sale Here For $10 or less here!


Slushy Magic

Get Slushy Magic Now!


My Personal Slushy Magic Review

slushy magic reviewWe have been seeing the commercials for Slushy Magic for quite some time and of course my daughter wanted it right away. If you have read or do read some of my other reviews the first thing I like to do is wait a bit to see if the product stays around unless I know and trust the company that makes the product. In this case I was still unsure.

Another thing with new products is that although a company may have a great product they sometimes go through “growing pains”. What I mean by this is that they become too popular too fast and can not keep up with the demand. It happened with a few very popular ones such as Pillow Pets, Happy Nappers and Stompeez to name a few.

With some time passing and the commercials still coming I started to check out some reviews and ask other parents I knew what they thought. The general consensus was that it worked and was a pretty cool thing for kids. I remember way back when I was a kid trying to make our own Slurpee, we had to use a blender and because of clean up it didn’t happen often.

Anyway, it was coming up on Christmas and my daughters list was lead off by Slushy Magic. Now she started her list a little late and I really didn’t want to take a chance on having it shipped late so I figured I would wait until her Birthday or maybe Easter. The weather is warmer anyway so she would get more use out of it.

When I was shopping one night I saw it in Walgreen’s so I picked it up and got it on sale so I saved a couple of bucks. So I was still able to get it on time and Santa looked good in the process ;)

So Christmas morning we washed the Slushy Magic Cubes and put them in the freezer so we could do our first test run. With all the craziness we didn’t actually make our first slushy until a few days later but, we did chocolate milk and it worked like a charm. My daughter enjoyed making and eating her first slushy and she still uses it on a pretty regular basis.

I do have a few tips if your going to get the Slushy Magic Kit. Just some important things to be aware of so you are happy with the product.

First and most important is to follow the directions. I have watched some videos where the people try to make a slushy, fail and say the product does not work. What usually is the case is they either did not use a cold liquid like the directions tell you to or they try and do sugar free or diet drinks which also are not recommended (Some diet drinks will work you just need to shake more but the directions and website do state that it is not meant for those types of drinks).

Check out this video of a kid making a quick and easy slushy by simply following directions.


That was pretty easy as you can see from that girls Slushy Magic Review.

Another thing I would recommend is to buy Slushy Magic online from the official website. Although I did get it on sale, I believe it was $14.99, you can now get 2 for $19.99 from the website. You can also order extra Slushy Magic Cubes which is very handy if you want to make more then one or have more then one child. I only have one child but still wish I ordered online for the extra free set simply for when she has friends over. It is a huge hit for play dates by the way.

So in a nutshell, we really like our Slushy Magic and are pretty sure you will too. If you have been thinking about picking one up I would say go for it, your kids will love it.

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Cuddleuppets Blankets That Are Puppets


Cuddleuppets are a combination of a blanket and a puppet. They are made by Jay at Play, the same company who brought us Happy Nappers and are one of the hottest as seen on TV toys out today. My daughter wanted the Pink Poodle so we decided to get her one for her birthday. You can get all the Cuddleuppets Here for a great price

Cuddle Uppet Pink Poodle

When I ordered I gave a little more then a months time to make sure we had it in time for her birthday. I am happy to announce that we had our Cuddleuppet about 3 days after the order was placed. It was shipped the next day and they emailed me a tracking number so as far as communication they definitely get an A+ on that. Now my biggest problem would be keeping it hidden for the next month but, I’ll take those kinds of problems any day.

Now the funny part is my daughter is still bugging my wife for the Cuddleuppet and she keeps saying she is not getting it for her, which is true because I am. So now my daughter is a little bummed and thinks she is not getting it. Funny thing is when it comes to things like this, Pillow Pets , Happy Nappers, etc. I am the one who usually gets them for her. Don’t know why she thought mom was this time but it made for a good surprise.

The day of her birthday came and she was extremely happy to have her Pink Poodle Cuddleuppet.  She sleeps with it as her main blanket every night and it comes to the couch during the day for when she is relaxing or watching TV. She has had a few friends come over and they now want their own Cuddleuppets as well so it’s not just my daughter.

She loves to play with the puppet part so it is getting a lot of use and was well worth every penny as far as I am concerned. What I like about Cuddleuppets are, they are very soft so for a blanket they are really comfortable. They are interactive so it’s not just a blanket, it’s a toy that she can really expand her imagination with. Most important is my daughter loves it. She thanks me on a regular basis still and that says a lot about how happy she is.

There are 6 different Cuddleuppets to choose from and they are:

  • The Pink Poodle
  • The Purple Monkey
  • The Yellow Puppy
  • The Green Crocodile
  • The Blue Elephant
  • The Brown Bear
  • White Unicorn
  • Pink Ladybug

It’s very easy to find a character to fit almost any child.

Update: Now there are many more Cuddleuppets characters to choose from. They now have Marvel Cuddleuppets such as Hulk or Spiderman. They also have a wide range of Disney Cuddleuppets as well such as Mickey and Minnie mouse, Winnie the Poo and a lot more. They even have Angry Birds Cuddleuppets!

You can see the large selection of characters available Right Here!!

Cuddleuppets are perfect for trips to keep your kids both occupied and warm. The blanket measures 39″ x 28″ so it’s a pretty good size. The puppet part is easy to work and most sized hands will fit in so both adults and children can work the head.

As of this writing Cuddleuppets are only available online through their official site. Personally I think this is where you will always get the best deal, even if they do hit stores. The items in stores like Happy Nappers and Pillow Pets take a beating and are not sealed, just thrown on the shelf and handled by anyone who wants to. I prefer to order online because they always come sealed and if you order more then one you get a nice discount, which no store is going to offer you.

If you have a child or children that are asking for Cuddleuppets then I would say go for it. It’s a quality product with great customer service and the most important review is from the kids and they really love them.


You can get your own Cuddleuppets Right Here

cuddleuppets order

EDIT: Cuddleuppets has discontinued the Blue Elephant and Brown Bear and replaced them with a White Unicorn and Pink Ladybug.

I am not sure why they did this as I thought the elephant was a very popular choice but, maybe not. The unicorn and ladybug are great additions and are a perfect match for either Happy Nappers or Pillow Pets. I know once my daughter finds out there is a Unicorn she will want one so time to get an early start on Holiday shopping.
You can still get the Elephant and bear while supplies last here!

Happy Nappers Review

Happy Nappers Unicorn


One of the most popular of the as seen on TV children’s items is without a doubt is Happy Nappers. They have been around for a couple of years now and are still very sought after by kids, both small and big. It started out simply as an online only toy that can now be found in most of the bigger department stores.

They are made by Jay at Play, a company known for some very popular and well made  kids toys. I have some personal experience with Happy Nappers as my daughter has had her Unicorn for over a year now.

Lets start with the most important part of any toy and that’s the fact that my daughter absolutely loves her Happy Napper. Over a year later and it still goes with her to sleep overs and to the couch when she is relaxing. She is a big fan of horses and unicorns so this was the perfect one for her. She also has the Mini Napper which we got later as they were not available when we originally ordered her unicorn.

The second plus is longevity. Because this stuffed animal doubles as a pillow it is getting plenty of use. I bought it at the original $19.99 price ( they have since reduced them to $14.99) and it was well worth every penny. It’s still in great shape as well so they are made to last. She will even still thank me for getting it for her over a year later.

Some people like to claim Happy Nappers are merely Pillow Pets rip offs but that’s a little bit much if you ask me. They are similar in concept but, the way they transform is different and Happy Nappers have the special door bell sound. It would be like someone saying one car company is ripping off another because they both sell cars. Still people are apparently very passionate about there stuffed animals so here is my take on it. My daughter has Pillow Pets as well and she loves them too. That doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy both and she really does. If it were up to her we would have every Pillow Pet and Happy Napper ever made.Bottom line is if it’s a quality item that makes your kids happy then go for it.

6 Happy Nappers

Where To Buy Happy Nappers

The next question is if you want one, where can you get one. As I mentioned earlier, Happy Nappers went from being an online only product to something you can find in almost any Walmart, toy store and even some supermarkets. They are still available from the official site as well which is where you can really find the best deal.

Going to a local store is obviously quick and easy but personally with something like this I prefer ordering from the site and here’s why. For one thing they are cheaper online at only $14.99, they are still $19.99 at all my local stores as of this writing. Also if you plan on buying more then one you will get additional discounts which no store is going to offer. I have yet to go into a Walmart where if you buy a second of the same item they give you a bigger discount.

Another reason I would rather order things like this online is simply the condition of the items. Happy Nappers, Pillow Pets and any other item like these are always UN-packaged and getting picked up and kicked around by every kid that touches them. When you order direct from the company they come in a plastic bag shipped in a box. No one else is playing, sneezing on or kicking around your Happy Napper as opposed to the ones in stores.

You also know you will be able to find the character you want on the website because they have all of them right there. Many of the stores only have a couple of the characters so you may have to dig through a large been to maybe find what you want.

Personally I find it much easier to just go to the site place my order and in a couple of days you have your Happy Napper in hand. By the way shipping was extremely fast and I had mine in a few days once the order was placed. I ordered well in advance to be safe and wound up having it in well under a week.

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Happy Nappers